Holding Up The Sky @ Church Stretton Arts Festival

A Magical evening of gamelan and stories from South East Asia for all the family
6 August 2014

homeEspecially created for the Church Stretton Arts Festival, Holding Up the Sky will be a unique opportunity to hear the stories and sounds of South East Asia.

Uniquely, for this performance Cassandra Wye will be joined by members of the Southbank Gamelan Players, who will create the musical backdrop for these real and imagined worlds.  They will play a selection from a repertoire that spans the thousand years of Gamelan music – from the ceremonial sounds of the courts of ancient Kings to the music created by contemporary composers for the Gamelan.
Don’t miss this magical collaboration, it’s suitable for all ages: adults and children are welcome!

Cassandra has been travelling the globe as a professional storyteller since 1991, from Barbados to Borneo, from the depths of the rainforest to the roof of the world. She has travelled extensively across Asia, working with the children of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Many of the tales told tonight have been shared with her by these children and retold with their permission.
For this eagerly awaited return visit to Church Stretton, she is delighted to be invited to work for the first time with Gamelan music – the traditional music of the region.  “Whenever I hear Gamelan – the shimmering sound of the gong, the rhythms of the xylophone – it reminds me so much of the people and places I have known. It is such an evocative sound – there is no music like it. To have the opportunity to match that music with my favourite stories is fantastic!”

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